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Tree Services

Tree Pruning Service –   Tree trimming is done usually for one of three reasons Ascetics, Safety or Tree health.  With ascetics shaping of the canopy’s, leveling of lower branches or removal of lower branches to allow easy access  under your tree. Removing branches that overhang your house, driveway and power lines (The line from your Building to the service pole is your responsibility) greatly improves the safety of your property. Dead and infested branches are both a safety and tree health issue they should be removed as soon as possible.

For the health of some trees pruning of healthy branches should only be done at certain times of the year.

Tree Removal-

Tree Planting- Trees seedling to 15 feet. Its of the utmost importance to provide a hole of the proper size, depth and composition to ensure proper rooting and health during a transplant.

Landscape, Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Cutting- Each yard need to treated differently to obtain and maintain optimal health. Depending on moisture, light, season and soil type will effect the frequency and length of cut for your yard. All cutting also include blowing down porches, driveway and sidewalks of grass and debris. Lawn cutting can be provided for a one time need or seasonal.

Lawn Rolling- The best time for lawn rolling is early spring. Finding the proper time to roll your yard is important. If its done to late there will be little effect on ruts and heaved ground.

Lawn Aeration-

Clean-ups – timely removal of leafs and debris from your yard and beds is important to keep molds down and your yard receiving the light it needs. Spring and Fall are the most common time clean-ups are done but anytime of the year that it is needed we can come out.

Weed Removal – When removing weed we take care to include as much of the roots as possible,collect all removed weeds and dispose of the remains.

Mulch-  Ornamental trees, shrubs and various other plants found in your bed have different requirements for mulch ensure their health. The seasons also play a role in mulch needs. Spring mulching is done for water retention, weed control and nutrition. Fall mulching is done to protect plants roots from freezing but it must be removed at the beginning of spring. Mulch is also available in many types from wood , stone , rubber (recycled tires), straw/hay, landscape fabric.

Softscape maintenance- Whether its spring  uncovering plant from winter protection and reading for a new seasons grow or fall wraping,trimming and covering in muclh for winters bite or any time inbetween we can assit your plants in thier needs

Bed Maintenance-  Is a combination of redefining the bed’s edge, Weed Removal, Mulch Application and Softscape maintenance. No matter the composition of you bed we will be able to help keep it looking its best!

Seasonal maintenance Package’s – There is a great deal of flexibility offered in seasonal maintenance packages. They can be any combination of  Landscape, Lawn Maintenance service. Simple as weekly Lawn cuttings or Complete yard maintenance weekly cuttings,monthly edging of concrete, bi-weekly Weed Removal, Spring and Fall Clean-ups, Spring mulching, Twice a season Bush Trimming. WE can customize the the right Maintenance package for your needs.

Landscape Installation/Removal Services

Bed Installation/Removal- Beds can accent everything on your property. The size, shape and composition is limited only by the imagination. Beds most commonly are softscape, Mulch(dyed wood chips), Stone ranging in size from 1/2 inch pebbles to 2-3 inch river rock and recycled tires shredded and dyed are just some elements option. The edge of you bed also offer many choices simple clean cut line a couple inches deep allowing a topper like mulch to have a precise edge. Another edge option is hardscaping the diversity of materials wood, stone, brick and block creations that are near flush with the ground to Retainment walls multiple feet high.

Every so often an overhaul of you property landscape is needed for a slough of reasons. An existing bed may be desired to be transformed back to grass or items currently in place need removing we are here to assist you in your renovations.


Softscape/Plant Installation- The varieties of plants that we have in WNY Western New York is Long we can assist in plant recommendations. If your looking to attract hummingbirds butterfly bushes and rose of Sharon are just a couple plant to help attract hummingbirds. Deer are an ever expanding problem in suburban yards lily of the valley, summer sweets, and box woods are just three example of vegetation deer will avoid unless desperate.   Sometimes soils amendments  may be needed to adjust factors like Ph, water retention, depth and nutrition of topsoil. There are many factor to the success of you plant life on your property  allow our team to come out assist you with your softscape needs.

Hardscape Installation-  Hardscape is any elements of your landscape that’s not living. Unique landscaping stones, Stone/Brick walkways, Retainment walls, a brick mailbox and waterfall are all example hardscaping.

Retainment Walls are added for a variety of reasons from allowing for addition soil to be added to area’s lacking needed soil depth for plant health, structural support for a hill sides erosion and in some cases allow for easy access to tending to flower and vegetable beds when getting on your knees is difficult.

Water features-

Landscape Installation- We will come consult with you and create a beautiful Landscape design to compliment your house and its features.  We can recommend a variety softscaping, hardscaping and bed shape options to accent your property. If you have a design in your mind we can make it come to life!

Winter Services

Snow Plowing – we provide plowing to both business and homes. If you have questions then please contact us! We would love to hear from you.